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Radio Patrin’s ambition is to become one of the leading professional Roma news and media organizations with three core objectives: to inform, educate and raise awareness.

First Choice

Beside its already established audiences – Roma communities – Patrin strives to become the first choice for traditional and mainstream media regarding information on Roma-related news around Europe.

Network of Local Correspondents

Radio Patrin’s production is embedded in on a broad collaboration with local Roma and non-Roma correspondents and content contributors from all around Europe on producing engaging, true and highly relevant news items about most current Roma-related issues.


podcast 2014-06-09

Podcast - Radio Patrin June 9, 2014

• Roma Matrix Budapest;
• Exhibition: Local Name Unknown - Gypsies?;
• Gypsy, Roma and Traveller History Month in the UK;
• Interview: Suzanna King, writer of "Crystal's Vardo - the Gypsy Journey"

Zola Kondur on Ukrainian TV

Our colleague Zola Kondur from Kiev guested Ukrainian TV (Майдан ТБ) 15.10.2014. Among other subjects, she speaks about the documentary “Broken Silence”.

Broken Silence

Broken Silence is a gripping documentary whose protagonist, radio-reporter Orhan Galjus, tries to understand what happened to the Sinti and Roma during the Second World War. He fears that history repeats itself in contemporary Europe. Because all around Sinti and Roma are discriminated, excluded from mainstream society. How do the 12 million European Sinti and Roma respond to that? What do they know about their own history? Why don’t they speak and teach about it? Why the silence? To get answers Orhan Galjus travels with a friend to Germany and Poland to speak with survivors, eyewitnesses and others. He discovers the essential differences between his people and ‘Gadje’ (the ‘others’) and calls for a positive, non-violent change.

Director Bob Entrop; Reporter: Orhan Galjus


Interview with Viviane Reding

at the European Roma Summit – April 4th, 2014

We are asking Vivianne Reding about how EU funds for Roma issues can reach local communities and Roma citizens?

Furthermore, she addresses the key role of media in independently informing the European citizens.


Featured Artist: Angelo Debarre, France

Famous Romani guitarist Angelo Debarre was born in Saint-Denis, France on August 19, 1962, in the manush community, where music always occupied a prominent place.
Debarre began playing at age 8. In 1984 he started his first group, the Angelo Debarre Quintet. He was discovered 1985 in Parisian café La Roue Fleurie.


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